E-Krete PCMO™️



Asphaltic pavements suffer from the effects of environmental and other exposure from ultraviolet light, water, aggressive chemical spills, and abrasion. Water and UV exposure strips the pavement of its asphaltic binder, which causes fading, hardening and brittleness (oxidation). This condition leads to cracking, subsequent crack wall erosion, and asphalt aggregate being freed from its binder, causing deterioration of the pavement surface. The pavement accordingly suffers reduced service life, requiring additional overlays every six years.

In 1996 a research and development project was initiated to address these problems. The result culminated in the development of a Micro Overlay product named E-Krete manufactured by PolyCon . PolyCon entered into a cooperative research and development agreement with the Army Corp of Engineers to fully test the E-Krete product’s ability to preserve asphaltic pavements by protecting them from damaging environmental exposure and abrasion. The E-Krete product was installed at the US Army Corp of Engineers Experimental Water ways Station in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and was the subject of laboratory and other in-situ tests. The results of these studies and tests indicate exceptional performance in all categories, leading to the installation of this pavement protection system on all types of PCC and asphaltic pavements. The FAA has approved the use of the E-Krete product through the publishing of Engineering Brief 62.

In addition to providing extended pavement life, PolyCon products, through the integration of properly graded aggregates into the surface material, can also provide a long lasting friction and wearing course micro-overlay that can restore old pavements to new friction standards, or provide new asphaltic surfaces with a friction and wearing surface.

PolyCon’s SkidPro product is a newly formulated high friction, high wear surface that combines all the characteristics and attributes of PolyCon’s E-Krete product, with properly graded aggregates to meet any friction coefficient required for a particular application. The E-Krete product has been further refined and reformulated to provide a long lasting, colored pavement marking product currently marketed under the trademark Permastripe. This revolutionary pavement-marking product yields the same durability as the E-Krete product, but also exhibits the additional attributes necessary for a high performance pavement marking including high retro-reflectivity, and high chromaticity retention. Colors currently available include yellow, white, black, blue (handicap), red and green.

E-Krete and Permastripe micro surface overlays and pavement markings can be rapidly installed on damaged substrates, allowing for the return of the pavement to service in hours, depending on climatic conditions. The E-Krete and Permastripe products are a cost efficient method of pavement restoration, repair and marking, and for uses designed as preventive measures before pavements reach the point of degradation. Additionally, these products can provide a greatly needed service for restoring old and new pavements alike.



Permastripe is a polymer-modified composite used to create durable long lasting markings on various types of surfaces. The material can be pigmented in all of the primary colors and is impervious to all types of fuels, oils, U.V. or de-icing fluids.  The product has been in use since 1996 on airports, heliports, roadways, metal decks, parking lots, and military installations. A unique feature of the product is its ability to be installed as a non-skid safety system that includes safety yellow, fire lane red, and handicap blue. If nighttime visibility is required glass beads can be pneumatically applied into the material for high-level retro reflectivity. Permastripe is not to be confused with paint or epoxy coatings. Permastripe is a micro layer of flexible polymer that has a thickness of 30 mills.